Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dirty Shoes

A busy day, up early and took my football team (Space Whites - (seven 9 year old boys) to play in their Cup at Kingston Little League. Unfortunately, they lost both games but luckily I wasn't sacked as coach.

I then persuaded my son to get his bike out and join me while I went for a 5 mile run. We went through Richmond Park up to Petersham then back the river path. Much to his delight there were loads of big mucky puddles, but my shoes took a hammering.

I have decided that I won't win Janathon. So have decided to award myself a prize. If over Janathon, I cover a100 miles I will buy myself a nice pair of new shoes. Recommendations welcome!

Tomorrow is a 12 mile run through Richmond Park again. Kingston Gate at 7am if anyone wishes to join me.


  1. Excellent idea to award yourself a prize if you achieve your goal, you have now got me wondering what I can award myself, if I achieve even half of your 100 miles. Good Luck!

  2. No idea what trainers you should buy but can however recommend putting the dity ones in the washing machine I did mine yesterday after running round the pitch that my 9 year old was doing football training on and they have come up a treat.
    Ipswich need a coach if you get fired!

  3. I had heard that you shouldn't put your running shoes in the washing machine. Seemingly ruins all the supports and plastics. Might be a "myth" spread by the shoes companies to make people renew their shoes more often.

  4. I quite like having dirty running shoes, because I run so slowly, and look very knackered doing it, the only thing that distiquishes me from a newbie is the state of my shoes