Thursday, 13 January 2011


Re-introduced myself at my running club tonight.

I am in The Stragglers in Kingston (South-West London.) We are the friendliest club in London! Tonight there was at least 200 people there. All shapes and sizes, running all distances from 1 mile to 11 miles, from very slow to blindly fast. We even have a blind runner (and he is fast.) You can get more information at

I went out in Simon's group (the blind runner). I must be "deaf" because I thought I heard them say 6 miles at 8:30m/m. We ended up doing 10 miles at 8 m/m. Simon must not have been looking at his GPS!

If you are not in a running club. I suggest you join one, it really makes running fun and much safer going out for a run on a dark night in a big group. The Virgin Marathon site has a list of the clubs in the UK;  HERE


  1. Wow... 200 runners. Sounds like a big club you're in there.

    So you did 10 miles @ an 8 m/m pace, so that would have taken you 1hr 20mins. That's bloody good going. Well done.

  2. Thanks, I should have explained. My group split into two. I was in the slower group and "straggled" in at 8:30 pace. I was still pleased.

  3. Well done on the run. I love my running club :-)