Sunday, 9 January 2011

Red Wine

Sitting here with a nice glass of red wine to soothe my aching legs.

I was out at 6:59am today (beaten by two other early Janathoners, next week I aim to take first spot.) A 12 mile route through the Park in 1hour 48 minutes. Came straight home and logged, however, it has taken me 12 hours to blog.

I spent much of the day at the London Wetlands Centre in Barnes with the twins. I should have taken my GPS to log the miles, must be another 5!


  1. Great to read your blog and I have every faith that you will beat 4 hours for a marathon! Inspiring to read while I do my Janathon on crutches to recover. There are lots of ways to improve times in the marathon but I have found that there are 2 ways: The bulk of your fitness should come from the long slow run once a week. Don't be afraid to build it right up to 23-25 miles about a month before. The other is to try to run the last 3-5 miles of a long run faster than the first. Train your body to run hard when you are tired......and also, lots of hill reps!!! Hope this helps and good luck with your sub4


  2. Thanks Bobban, I will try and run the final 3 miles faster this Sunday. Although I think it will be difficult, thanks for the encouragement.